08/24/2012 10:31 am ET | Updated Aug 24, 2012

White House Beer Recipe Petition: Press Secretary Jay Carney Says Sign It, And We'll Release

Remember that cheeky little Freedom of Information Act request for the White House beer recipe that a brave Reddit user submitted this week? We might actually get it, you guys!

A petition asking 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to release its Honey Ale recipe (one of their three beers) had also been submitted on the White House website, and Thursday night Press Secretary Jay Carney tweeted that if it reached the 25,000-signature threshold, the White House would release the goods:

Citizens, this petition only requires 25,000 of our voices to take effect. As of this writing, there are already 4,392 signatures recorded. For the love of your countrymen, your freedom and our collective love of beer -- go sign this thing already!


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