We spend lots of time focusing on what stars wear (and any wardrobe malfunctions they may have), but what about what they put on their faces? Although makeup may not seem important, different kinds of makeup styles have now come to mean different things, socially and politically and plenty of women won't leave home without it.

In a survey, two-thirds of British women said that heading to the office bare-faced caused them more stress than public speaking, going on a first date or enduring a job interview. 91 percent of women surveyed would rather cancel a first date altogether than go without makeup on. And in the U.S., women spend around $7 billion on cosmetics every year.

And that doesn't even include hair. The AP recently reported that in 1950, about seven percent of women dyed their hair. Today? 95 percent or more.

With all that beauty-obsession (and our own love of makeup) in mind, we're taking a look at This Week In Beauty. From this week forward, we'll be showcasing the best, worst and most interesting styles of hair, makeup and nails that we came across this week. Take a look, get inspired and vote for your faves!

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  • BEST: Eva Mendes

    The sexy 'Hitch' star and Ryan Gosling's girlfriend knows how to rock accessories. Mendes stepped out in West Hollywood on August 20th with a scarf-turned headband, a messy bun and a pair of hot blue shades. This is a perfect look for a low-key, no makeup kind of day. (Getty photo)

  • WORST: Julie Bowen

    We love Julie Bowen as the uptight Claire in 'Modern Family,' but we didn't like her look at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on August 20th. The actress had more eyeshadow on one eye than the other, and she was just so...plain. We would have liked to see Bowen try a warm pink lipstick to give her a little more color and maybe some long earrings. (Getty photo)

  • BEST: Kelly Brook

    English actress and model Kelly Brook appeared at the World Premiere of 'Keith Lemon - The Film' in London on August 20th in a red, floor-length gown. Although Brook looked glam, we were mostly taken by her gorgeous hair and fantastic makeup. The model rocked false-eyelashes and bronze blush (but not too much) and looked absolutely fab. (Getty photo)

  • WORST: Isla Fisher

    We loved Isla Fisher in "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" and "Wedding Crashers," which is why we were surprised to see the actress overly made-up and looking a little too red at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Bachelorette' on August 23rd. Her red hair (which had strange darker red tips) clashed with her dress, was flat on top and looked frizzy from straightening. Her eyebrows were very dark, which also made her look much older. (Getty photo)

  • BEST: Amy Poehler

    Funny lady Amy Poehler has never been known for being a beauty queen, but she definitely has good style. At the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Poehler showed us that you don't have to pile on the makeup to look beautiful, and you shouldn't. We love the comedian's choice of pink lipstick and her soft curls. Love her! (Getty photo)

  • WORST: Maya Rudolph

    Poehler's counterpart on SNL, Maya Rudolf, on the other hand, did not wear enough makeup. The comedian looked oily and could have done with a little powder to matten her look a bit. We would also have chosen a darker shade for her lipstick. (Getty photo)

  • BEST: Lizzy Caplan

    We remember Caplan from "Mean Girls," but the actress has proved that her goth days are long gone and her newfound glam is here to stay. We love her short, messy but chic 'do and her classic-looking makeup. That red lipstick shade is perfect for Caplan's skin tone. (Getty photo)

  • WORST: Brittany Holt

    Social worker Brittany Holt walked the red carpet at the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration 2012 Voice Awards in Hollywood on August 22nd. Although Holt may not be used to the flashing lights of the paparazzi, we would have advised her to tone down the bronze makeup (especially on her lids). (Getty photo)

  • BEST: Ali Larter

    We love Ali Larter's sexy look at the 'Bachelorette' premiere in Los Angeles. Apart from the fact that her top was amazing, we love her simple messy 'do and the sexy pop of lippy. Simple mais sophistiqué! (Getty photo)

  • WORST: Bai Ling

    We have to admit that with all of the crazy looks Bai Ling has donned over the years, her look at the Kirstos Andrews Birthday celebration in Hollywood on August 23rd was relatively calm. We actually like her blue eyeliner that matched her earrings. However, the actress's orange blush and frizzy hair took Ling's look from edgy to...frizzy.... (Getty photo)

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