Last year, we first learned of "Butter," the movie about, well, competitive butter sculpting. Starring Jennifer Garner, alongside an all-star cast that includes Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, Rob Corddry, Kristen Schaal and Ty Burrell, "Butter" takes us to small-town Iowa for a butter carving battle between an adopted girl and local woman.

When it comes to a movie devoted to butter, all bets are off. That means the drama extends far beyond the butter carving competition. When a stripper is one of the main characters, you know that problems run much deeper than dairy.

Here's the trailer:

[via Eater]

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  • Classic Cows

    Have any rabbis ruled on whether or not it's kosher to sculpt a cow using its mother's milk?

  • "The Last Supper"

    It would be your last supper too, if you tried to eat the whole sculpture.

  • Butter Bust Of Katie Miron, Minnesota's 2010 Dairy Queen

    Butter captures a lady's creamy complexion so much more realistically than marble does.

  • Astronaut In Space Station

    It's unclear whether or not this 2011 sculpture is made of freeze-dried "astronaut butter."

  • Cow Jumping Over The Moon

    There won't be a more magical butter sculpture until pigs fly.

  • Woman's Face

    There's a certain Rodinesque influence at play here.

  • Schoolbus

    Is the cow in the road an allegory for the way agriculture long hindered the progress of American education? Butter sculpture can be so conceptual.

  • Village

    It must cost a fortune to get fire insurance on a house made of 70% butterfat.

  • Tree On Hill

    Imagine sledding down butter instead of snow! Crashing would be DELICIOUS rather than painful.