Hipster Baby Flash Cards By Emma Cook Teach The ABC's Of Always Being Cooler (PHOTOS)

08/27/2012 04:40 pm ET

Since integrating media in early childhood education is so important, hipster parents will probably want to start cultivating their kids' innate sense of cool as soon as possible.

Those in search of gifts for hipster mom, take note: Hipster baby flash cards are the latest must-have item.

With this colorful set of design-oriented, "culturally relevant" flash cards by South African designer Emma Cook, hipster babies can learn the ins and outs of being cool as they learn their ABC's.


From Apple (as in iPad, duh) to Z-space (so cool that we have no idea what that is), the flash cards will help children learn how to competently one-up their peers by the time they enter pre-school. Just don't be surprised when they form their own toddler cliques and develop opinions on dithering, fixed-gear bikes and single-origin, fair-trade organic coffee roasts.

Watch out, design magnet schools, the next-generation brain trust is on the way.


Baby Geek Alphabet Flash Cards

(via BuzzFeed)

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