Krispy Kreme's 'The Fight': The Internet's Best/Worst Rapper Gets In Playground Brawl (VIDEO)

08/27/2012 12:45 pm ET

If you're a decent, God-fearing American, you're already a gigantic fan of Krispy Kreme, the Southern "rapper" whose viral megahit "The Baddest" probably made him the next Poet Laureate earlier this summer.

In this video, the diminutive suburban kid/baddest dude ever dons a WWE belt to play John Cena and gets in a brawl in what appears to be an elementary school playground. As always, he's joined by silent hype man Money Maker Mike in the role of Rey Mysterio and they totally kick the asses of their assailants.

Vote Krispy Kreme/Money Maker Mike 2012, everyone, if you even care about this country at all.

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