By Jessica Zaleski

I would love to think that I’m that “cool girl” who doesn’t chase guys and act like an idiot when it comes to relationships. I’m not the “cool girl” though, I’m a total idiot. I have done some of the most ridiculous stuff for guys I had crushes on. I’m obviously not proud of these things, but all of them happened a long time ago and I’d like to think I’m smarter now.

I’d like to think that I wouldn’t do these things again because I’m mature and just thinking back on some of them makes me cringe. How could I let someone treat me that way? I invite you to laugh at my stupidity. And please tell me I’m not crazy and that you guys have done some ridic things too. Please?

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  • Bought Them Food/Gifts/You Name It

    In high school, I had a HUGE crush on the same boy for three years. We were friends, but I feel like he still knew I adored him. So whenever we would go to lunch or dinner, he would ask me to spot him some money. Would I do it? OF COURSE. Obviously paying for his sesame chicken would make him fall in love with me....

  • Stalked Them

    Not just Facebook stalking. I would spend hours driving by their houses or researching their class schedules to find out when they would be in the hallway. Wouldn't seeing me waiting outside their classroom every day make them love me? No. It made them think I was a psychopath.

  • Changed My Musical Taste For Them

    In middle school I had a crush on an edgy, jerky boy (think Justin Bobby). He loved grunge music, so guess who else loved grunge music? ME. I traded "Oops!...I Did It Again" for "Heart-Shaped Box. "

  • Ironed His Clothes

    Writing this is making me feel so much shame. A guy I liked in college needed an article of clothing ironed for a performance he had. He asked me if I would do it. How could I say no? Saying no would be mean and then he would never like me! I had to do his simple chores!

  • Drugs

    While I know I was bound to try drugs eventually because I was always curious about them, I first tried them because a boy I liked in high school started doing them. I assumed he would think we were really similar and that I was a cool girl if I did them too.

  • Drove Them Around

    Oh, you don't have a car, Boy I Like? That's fine! I'll drive you around in my car all the time and never ask you for anything in return. Please keep taking advantage of me!

  • Let Him Brush My Teeth

    This is the most cringeworthy to me. In college, I liked a close friend. He did not like me (story of my life, right?). He was training to be a nurse and had to practice on real people for an upcoming nursing exam. He asked me if I would be a subject and I jumped at the chance. When I got there, he told me one of the things he needed to practice was brushing a patient's teeth... and I said no problem. Did I think he would find me gorgeous after he saw all of my tartar?

  • Loved Taylor Swift Songs

    UGH! What is it about jerky guys that makes me dance around to "You Belong With Me" in my room for hours? I don't want to like T-Swift. I really don't. But she just gets me!

  • Lost Friends

    While this is pretty common, it shouldn't be. I lost a friend because of a guy in high school. He turned us into catty bitches who three-way called each other and did things to make the other jealous. I don't talk to the guy anymore...but I don't talk to my friend either.

  • Wallowed For Weeks

    I have spent MONTHS of my life crying over these stupid guys. What was I doing?? I should have gone outside and had some fun, or met new guys or SOMETHING.