Jack Black Defends His Tiger Roll To Judo Expert On 'Conan' (VIDEO)

08/28/2012 12:03 pm ET

Jack Black once sang that with karate he'll kick your ass. Turns out, he'll do the same with judo -- even when challenged by one of America's leading judo experts.

On Monday night's "Conan," a judo master called out Black for what he felt was an improperly executed judo move that Black performed during a recent interview ("What an asshole," Conan couldn't help but noting). But far be it from Conan to let someone get away with correcting his friend Jack Black like that.

Cut to Jack Black personally explaining (through song) that his Tiger Roll move is far superior than the version that his would-be corrector showed him. Check out the clip above to watch Jack put this hater in his place.

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