Goober, the San Francisco Zoo's 18-year-old Baird Tapir, died this weekend after a two-year struggle with oral cancer.

Zookeepers found his body in his barn early Sunday morning.


Goober was diagnosed with an agressive form of the cancer two years ago, but the incredible animal lived for much longer than doctors predicted.

The loving animal spent most of his life at the SF Zoo. Friendly and adorable, he was known for his “willingness to do anything for a scratch from his keeper,” hoofstock and marsupials curator Jim Nappi told the San Francisco Chronicle.

"We are saddened by the passing of Goober, our amazing Baird's Tapir. He will be greatly missed!" zoo officials added in a statement.

Baird Tapirs are among the world's most endangered creatures; fewer than 5,000 are left in the wild. Semi-aquatic and nocturnal beasts, their natural habitats include the rain forests of Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Equador.

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