08/28/2012 04:45 pm ET

Shep Smith Gets Pulled Over For Speeding In Alabama (VIDEO)

Shep Smith was pulled over for speeding in Alabama, the Fox News host revealed on Monday's "Studio B."

Smith drove from Tampa, where he was scheduled to cover the Republican national convention, to New Orleans to cover Hurricane Isaac. He said that he was enjoying the drive over Mobile Bay when "one of Alabama's finest" ticketed him for going twelve miles over the speed limit. He was fined $180.

"I know that south Alabama is safer now thanks to the fact that my 82 in a 70 got penalized," Smith said sarcastically on Monday. He recounted how his crew marveled at the fact that the cop pulled over both their cars at the same time. "I'm like, 'welcome to Alabama,'" he said in a deep voice.


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