Vennu Mallesh, ‘It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do‘ Is This Summer's Viral Sleeper Hit (VIDEO)

08/28/2012 01:49 pm ET
  • The Huffington Post

This summer gave us "Hot Cheetos & Takis," "Gangnam Style" and way too many cover versions of "Call Me Maybe," so it's no wonder that Vennu Mallesh's "It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do" slipped under the radar.

In Summer 2012's pantheon of viral hits, the singer's first song is but a minor deity, but to him, it's a personal creedo, "a non-fictional, psychological, and philosophical song."

Does it make sense? Absolutely not. Does sound like a train wreck of house music synths and area rock guitar? Yes. Is it inexplicably funny and original? You bet.


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