The first night of the Republican National Convention provided plenty of fodder for politically-minded comedians on Twitter, and thanks to Ann Romney's speech, their tweets contained more than just Chris Christie fat jokes.

That's not to say there weren't some great jokes made at the hefty New Jersey Governor's expense, but it was Mitt Romney's wife's impassioned speech that brought new life to Twitter's snarky remarks. Her several mentions of how she and Mitt met at a school dance, her insistance that she understands economic hardship and her Oprah-esque shout-out to women were just a few of the quirks that inspired funny jokes in 140 characters or less.

Check out the funniest tweets about the potential FLOTUS' speech below and vote for your favorites!

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  • Matt Goldich

  • Denis Leary

  • John Fugelsang

  • Christine Nangle

  • John Lutz

  • Sue Galloway

  • Frank Conniff

  • Lizz Winstead

  • rachel lichtman

  • Matt Goldich

  • Colin Jost

  • Kate Hendricks

  • Caissie St.Onge

  • Justin Stangel

  • Thomas Towell

  • Sean Brewster

  • Josh Gondelman

  • Steven Amiri

  • jon hendren

  • Travon Free

  • Steve Levitan

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