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Bill Gross Thanks Paul Ryan For Investing In PIMCO Fund

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Paul Ryan just got a new supporter. Sort of.

Bill Gross, the co-chief investment officer of PIMCO and arguably the most well-known bond investor in the world, thanked the Republican vice presidential nominee for investing in one of his company’s funds, in a PIMCO tweet.

Gross: Thanks Paul Ryan for investing in a PIMCO fund. Your reputation as a numbers guy is validated.

Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman, rose to political prominence largely on his math smarts and has an investment portfolio many would envy. Many of the big-name stocks Ryan owned in 2011, according to -- including Wells Fargo, Amazon and Apple -- have done extremely well in 2012, according to CNNMoney.

Still, Ryan’s decision to invest in a PIMCO fund may not guarantee Gross’s full political support. The investor told CNBC in February that he’s "a little Ron Paulish."

(Hat tip: Zero Hedge).

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