With next Thursday's VMAs unofficially kicking off another award season, it's time to start thinking about red carpet style. Whether you're getting glammed up yourself, or judging from afar, everyone could always use a few extra tips. Lucky for us we spoke with event planner Bryan Rafanelli (the man behind the Huffington Post "Oasis" at the 2012 Democratic and Republican National Conventions) and discovered the most common mistakes people make when attending big events.

Click through the slideshow to find out Rafanelli's eight biggest fashion no-nos at any event (red carpet or otherwise).

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  • Matching The Outfit To The Invitation

    Picking a color that suits your skin tone is always a good move. But trying to match your dress to the color palette of the invitation is not. Matching your ensemble to the color scheme in the invite rarely works to your advantage -- instead, pick something that flatters your body. Tika Sumpter August 2012, Los Angeles Photo Credit: WireImage

  • Underdressing

    There is nothing worse than showing up to a party underdressed. To avoid this Bryan suggests that guests take their cues from the host, and, if possible, ask what they are planning on wearing. That is the safest way to make sure your ensemble is pitch perfect. Victoria Justice March 2012, Los Angeles Photo Credit: Getty Images

  • Overdressing

    Although Bryan acknowledges that being <a href="http://www.fabsugar.com/Snap-Judgment-Overdressed-Underdressed-961511" target="_hplink">underdressed is always worse than being overdressed</a>, being too formal for any occasion is uncomfortable. Instead of feeling insecure all night, do some research ahead of time. Bar Refaeli May 2011, Antibes Photo Credit: Getty Images

  • No Khakis

    Men don't necessarily have to wear suits when they go to an event. Although a navy suit and white shirt always look great, a mismatched blazer and slacks can also be a good choice. The only major no-no is khaki pants at a fancy event. Joel Madden June 2010, New York City Photo Credit: Getty Images

  • Relegating Certain Colors To Certain Seasons

    People get wrapped up in dressing for the season, but Bryan thinks it's an easy way to "fall into a trap." Instead of relegating bright colors to the summer, he suggests wearing them year round, and instead choosing fabrics based on the season. Tilda Swinton March 2012, Paris Photo Credit: WireImage

  • Too-High Heels

    It's hard to fall in love with a flat but nothing makes Bryan more crazy than seeing a woman in shoes that they can't walk in. Although he thinks that "women look sexier in <a href="http://www.refinery29.com/high-heels" target="_hplink">high-heeled shoes</a>" they should be a pair that you are comfortable in (i.e. not going to fall over in). Eva Longoria April 2011, New York City Photo Credit: FilmMagic

  • Assuming The Updo Is Taboo

    <a href="http://www.elle.com/beauty/hair/best-celebrity-summer-updos-443843#slide-1" target="_hplink">Updos</a> may be considered taboo after prom but Bryan believes that "a women should wear her hair the way she looks and feels the most beautiful" -- no matter the style. There is no such thing as a hair don't, so long as it looks good on the lady. Jordin Sparks August 2012, Los Angeles Photo Credit: WireImage

  • Assuming Black Tie Means Floor Length Dresses

    The most important thing when dressing for black tie is picking a dress that is luxurious and stylish. "<a href="http://videos.stylelist.com/dressing-for-a-black-tie-event-women-145440392" target="_hplink">Black tie for ladies </a>means a beautiful dress, whether it's long or short." It's more important to focus on fit and look rather than the hemline. Lucy Liu July 29th, Beverly Hills Photo Credit: WireImage

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