08/29/2012 04:43 pm ET | Updated Aug 29, 2012

'Pulp Fiction' Rejected Pitch: If Studio Executives Determined Tarantino's Fate (VIDEO)

If "Pulp Fiction" was made the regular way, and not the "Quentin Tarantino Gets to Do Whatever the F**k He Wants" way, the movie probably could have turned out very differently. Like, what's up with that non-linear storytelling? And the unorthodox characters? And the Gimp? (Seriously, what is up with the Gimp?)

Suffice to say, we would have seen a very different movie if studio executives got their grubby paws all over it. The web series "Rejected Pitches" on the Above Average network, which had previously offered imagined studio notes on classics like "Citizen Kane" and "E.T.", transforms Tarantino's classic into "Honey Bunny's Funny Sunday."

Watch the video above and then thank your lucky Harvey Weinsteins that this didn't happen.


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