StrawBEARy: Reddit User Finds A Bear-Shaped Strawberry (PHOTO)

08/30/2012 08:28 am ET

Although we never need to be reminded that the internet is an awesome place to hang out, sometimes Reddit decides to remind us anyway. We admit that we were a bit skeptical when user Taybow exclaimed, "Found a strawBEARy!"

Comments on this post ranged (as they always seem to) from, "Wow, that is amazing!" to "Why are you wasting our all of our time?" But our very favorite comment came from user ysoloud, who said simply, "RAWWWWBERRRRYYY!!!!!"

In case you were worried, a rebuttal has already been posted. Said Reddit user Fishbowl007, "I see your strawBeary and raise you a TURKEYberry."

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