08/30/2012 01:29 pm ET | Updated Jul 28, 2014

Cameron Diaz Style Evolution: Actress Looks Flawless As She Turns 40 (PHOTOS)

Cameron Diaz turns 40 today! And she couldn't look better.

Stepping out in New York City after a workout this week, the actress proved two things -- she should always wear Spandex and beauty gets better with age.

Diaz, who has Cuban roots, recently told Access Hollywood she "loves getting older."

"As I get older, I become happier -- because I'm wiser, I know myself better [and] I connect to people better," Diaz explained. "I think that in our society we don’t honor older generations enough because we think of it as being bad because the appearance changes."

We agree.

Check out how Diaz's looks have changed over the years -- from her 1990 Seventeen cover to the Spandex workout ensemble she was sporting this week.

Cameron Diaz: Style Evolution