How The Fake Meat Gets Made At Twitter Co-Founder-Backed 'Beyond Meat' (VIDEO)

08/30/2012 03:43 pm ET

Remember when the co-founders of Twitter and their Obvious Corporation made us all do a double-take by investing in a fake meat company? The company, Beyond Meat, had Fast Company's Co.Exist team make a video of their soy-chicken extrusion process.

Okay "soy-chicken extrusion process" isn't a great way to sell this video, which is remarkably less disgusting than we though it would be. Harold Huff and his team of scientists at The University of Missouri at Columbia have spent years going back to basics on the production of meat-like soy protein. Huff says that utilizing a "wet-extrusion method" is the secret to Beyond Meat's stringy, chewy, meat-like texture.

Check out how this soy in meat's clothing gets made in the video below.

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