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Herman Cain & Jon Stewart Look At Romney's Weaknesses At RNC (VIDEO)

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A grinning Herman Cain stopped by "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" for an extended interview on Thursday. In a special studio in Tampa at the Republican National Convention, Stewart grilled Cain on why the former presidential candidate seems to muster up more enthusiasm than the man who beat him to the GOP presidential nomination.

"It's a difference of style. My style and personality is different than Gov. Romney," Cain explained.

Retorted Stewart, "What you are saying, if I hear you correctly, is that he has a personality."

Stewart also took the opportunity to ask one of the most high-profile black Republicans about a recent poll which indicated that Romney's approval numbers among African-American sits at zero percent. After Cain initially claimed that he knew plenty of black Republicans who will vote for Romney, he offered a different explanation.

"They were working, so they didn't answer the phone when they took the poll!" Cain said, to groans of disapproval from the audience. "Believe it or not, some people have jobs and careers and they run businesses!"

Jon seemed confused by his assertion that polling data missed out on a bloc of voters because they earn a living. "So you're suggesting that the poll was done strictly for unemployed people?"

Cain stuck around for an extended, online-only interview. In Part 3, Stewart calls out Cain for misrepresenting welfare programs under Obama, and showing him the Politifact evidence that says so.

Watch the clip that broadcast on TV last night and the Internet exclusive clips below.

WATCH: Part 2

WATCH: Part 3

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