08/30/2012 09:52 am ET

Paul Ryan Undergoes Striking Transformation (VIDEO)

At the RNC this week, Republicans are introducing their new and improved Paul Ryan model, the perfect addition to their presidential ticket. This next-generation Paul Ryan has all the best parts of the old model -- without all those pesky old positions and principles from his long congressional career.

Ryan’s stubborn wonkiness and number crunching? Gone! His devotion to “Atlas Shrugged”? Shrugged off! His obsession with specific Medicare cuts? Forgotten! These election-ready innovations are truly amazing. And it all comes in the handsome, approachable Ryan packaging you know and love.

Still not convinced? Tune in to Paul Ryan's live demonstrations, all this week on your favorite news station! See for yourself why everyone’s talking about this Ryan revamp.

Republican National Convention 2012