We have to be honest. We really weren't looking forward to this taste test. Swigging down 10 different kinds of cheap, bottom-shelf beer in succession is kind of a gut buster. The worst part? We're not drinking light beers. We're talking real, regular, American-made beer.

We all have our favorites, whether we've developed an emotional attachment to a particular brand during college or we just think the bottle design looks cool in our hands. But you have to stop and wonder: Is your favorite brand actually the best-tasting beer? Or does your blind adulation mask the fact that it tastes like pond scum? We found out the answer, and it's probably going to embarrass you.

We blind-tasted 10 popular brands of regular, domestic, bottom-shelf beer. In a slam to our fiercely loyal beer-drinking editors' pride, we unknowingly ranked some of our go-to beers near the bottom of our list. Check out the results below, and let us know what you think.

As always, this taste test is in no way sponsored or influenced by the brands included.

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  • #1: Pabst Blue Ribbon

    <b>Comments:</b> "A little bland, but okay." "Sweet and foamy -- inoffensive." "A really light, easy-to-please flavor." "Musky and heavy." "Highly drinkable."

  • #2: Miller High Life

    <b>Comments:</b> "Too bitter, but tolerable." "Standard." "Bready, nice balance. Could easily drink it all night." "Pretty solid beer." "Tastes like nothing, which isn't necessarily a bad thing."

  • #3: Milwaukee's Best Premium

    <b>Comments:</b> "Smooth but cheap-tasting." "Plain flavored, nothing special." "Tastes like a frat house." "Tastes metallic, but I can take it." "Boring." "Skunky, not my favorite."

  • #4: Miller Genuine Draft

    <b>Comments:</b> "Pleasant enough." "Skunky." "Kind of funky, more complex than the others." "Reminds me of college, in a bad way." "Bitter finish and great bubbles, but too hoppy."

  • #5: Coors

    <b>Comments:</b> "Nutty." "Bad aftertaste." "Very sweet and honey-like." "Weak!" "Kind of sweet and watered down." "Pleasantly grungy tasting."

  • #6: Budweiser

    <b>Comments:</b> "Tastes the way cheap beer smells." "Bitter and watery." "Neutral taste, slight sweetness, and foamy." "Tastes familiar, like college." "Nice ratio of sweet to bitter." "Eminently offensive." "Like carbonated water, in but in a good way."

  • #7: Yuengling

    <b>Comments:</b> "Soapy." "Not bad hoppiness." "Too sour, no depth of flavor." "It looks like it would taste good, but it doesn't, which is annoying." "No. This tastes like matzoh!"

  • #8: Natural Ice

    <b>Comments:</b> "God is disappointed." "Neutral and decently smooth." "Kind of like soda. Really sparkly." "Apple-juicy, kind of flat and wan-tasting." "Disgusting." "Kind of fruity? In a good way. Very effervescent."

  • #9: Keystone Ice

    <b>Comments:</b> "My pee tastes better than this." "Really bitter." "Pleasant bitterness at first, but bad aftertaste." "Malty, with caramel notes and a slightly sour finish." "Too watery." "A little bitter."

  • #10: Rolling Rock Extra Pale

    <b>Comments:</b> "Tastes like raspberries." "Weirdly sweet, like drinking corn." "Savory and hoppy, but with a nasty metallic tang." "Tastes like flavored water." "Smells like bread. Do not like."