The major fast food chains are all about chicken right now. The new CEO of McDonald's told Business Week earlier this summer that they really wanted to focus on chicken. They've started testing chicken wings and it seems like other items aren't far behind.

Now it seems that Burger King executives have caught chicken fever as well. The company's new menu for fall, following their initial summer roll-out -- which was the biggest menu change in the history of Burger King -- has nine new menu items and eight of them are chicken. There are two new sandwiches, five new wraps and popcorn chicken.

Poultry isn't Burger King's only area of focus -- it is also debuting a new raspberry fruit smoothie. That flavor is available this weekend as part of the chain's $1 smoothie Labor Day promotion along with strawberry banana and tropical mango.

This is a limited-time only menu that is already getting tested in certain areas and will debut around Labor Day.

Check out the photos below for details about Burger King's new menu (all prices listed are the suggested retail price):

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  • Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

    The Chicken Parmesan Sandwich is available crispy or grilled and comes with mozzarella, shaved Parmesan cheese and marinara sauce. $4.79

  • Italian Basil Chicken Sandwich & Wrap

    The Italian Basil Chicken Sandwich can also be prepared crispy or grilled and comes with melted mozzarella cheese, crisp letture, tomatoes and an Italian basil sauce on a wheat bun. $4.79 The Italian Basil Chicken Wrap has the same ingredients but instead of a wheat bun it is served in flour tortilla -- and is under 400 calories. $1.99

  • Italian Breakfast Burrito

    Served in a soft whole wheat tortilla, the Italian Breakfast Burrito contains scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, melted mozzarella cheese, diced onions & peppers and marinara sauce. $2.49

  • Popcorn Chicken

    The Popcorn Chicken, made with white meat chicken breast, is available in three sizes and your choice of eight different dipping sauces. Starts at $1.99

  • Garden Fresh Salad Wraps

    The Garden Fresh Salad Wraps are prepared with crispy or grilled chicken breast in a whole wheat tortilla. Customers can choose BLT, apple & cranberry or classic Caesar varieties. $3.49

  • Raspberry Real Fruit Smoothie

    The Raspberry Real Fruit Smoothie is blended fresh to order with raspberries, fruit juice and low-fat yogurt. It is available in 12, 16 and 20 ounce servings. $2.29

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