08/31/2012 09:00 am ET | Updated Oct 31, 2012

Harlem's Fashion Row: 'Meet The Designers' New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

We've teamed up with Harlem's Fashion Row for New York Fashion Week Spring 2013, to share a series of exclusive videos showcasing this year's carefully selected group of HFR designers.

  • Omar Salam, designer of Sukeina
  • Latisha Daring, designer of Ashtyn
  • Joseph Bethune, designer of Bethune Brothers
  • Nzinga Knight, designer of Nzinga Knight New York

These talented designers will present their collections at Jazz At Lincoln Center on September 7 to a room filled with fashion editors, tastemakers and insiders. The Huffington Post Black Voices has the awesome opportunity to follow the individuals as they prepare of the big day--and we're taking you with us!

Check out the first episode "Meet The Designers" above and take a look at some of the group's amazing creations in the slideshow below.

Harlem's Fashion Row Winning Designers