08/31/2012 11:44 am ET

'Mad Men': Christina Hendricks Talks Friendship With Peggy

Will Peggy and Joan become bosom buddies in the next season of "Mad Men"? Not according to Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan.

“I don’t think [Peggy and Joan] are friends,” Hendricks said, according to TVLine. “[Series creator] Matt [Weiner] made a distinction about that very, very early on, saying, ‘These two women will never be friends.’"

But as one of the most secretive shows on TV, the cast of the AMC drama never knows exactly what's around in the corner.

"I will thank [Weiner] forever for not telling me. It would have made my life harder," the actress told THR. "Not knowing Peggy would quit allowed me to find it for myself, to really feel Peggy's growing frustration with Don [Jon Hamm] all season."

Do you think Peggy and Joan could ever be friends? Sound off in the comments.

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