We've already had a look at the weird and wacky things women do during the summer according to stock photos. Now that fall is approaching, let's explore the crazy things that a "bad day" for a woman involves, according to stock photos.

When we searched Alamy.com for "woman having a bad day," we found a great many pictures of hair disasters, household trouble, and questionable sartorial choices. So if you think you are having a bad day, but you do not have three hairbrushes stuck in your hair and you are neither throwing up into a wicker receptacle nor hiding behind some artful stage makeup, you are wrong. You don't even know what a bad day is. A bad day, you see, is what these stock photo models are collectively experiencing:

SLIDESHOW: What A Woman's Bad Day Looks Like, According To Stock Photos

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  • If there are three hairbrushes trapped in your hair, you're definitely having a bad day.

  • It's definitely a bad day when you walk off the set of "<a href="http://www.lesmiserablesfilm.com/" target="_hplink">Les Miserables</a>" and into a photographer's studio.

  • It's even worse when there's a close-up involved.

  • The ultimate bad day: Completely losing an office-wide game of Sardines.

  • When you express how bad the day is by wearing copious amounts of stage makeup.

  • When no one can tell what you are doing.

  • When the stress stretches your arms out Gumby-like under a tauntingly placid blue sky.

  • When you throw up in the pretty wicker picnic basket.

  • When this dude borrows your Raggedy Ann costume.

  • When you have to interrupt your wedding to call and yell at your cable provider or ex or reality show co-star -- from the middle of a field.