Real-life proposals are big productions these days.

So, it really isn't a surprise that many television show characters opt for grand gestures when proposing as well -- after all, fictional would-be fiancés have been popping the question with fanfare even before doing so was popular. Click through the slideshow below to relive eight of the most memorable TV show proposals -- from "Glee" to "Gilmore Girls."

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  • Jasmine To Crosby, "Parenthood"

    Crosby and Jasmine have always had an unconventional relationship, and with it, unconventional proposals. Crosby is hurled into fatherhood when a one night stand with Jasmine gives them son Jabar. After dating for a while, Crosby decides to make it official and pops the question on Halloween -- with a plastic spider ring. An argument about the dishes ends up breaking the pair, but these two were clearly meant to be -- a beauty like Jasmine would never turn down a doctor and run through the pouring rain to propose to man who <em>wasn't</em> her soul mate. Watch the proposal starting at 41:36.

  • Arizona to Callie, "Grey's Anatomy

    Arizona and Callie had one wild ride before -- and after -- their engagement. Their planned trip to Africa goes awry when an airport fight splits them up. But when Arizona realizes she can't live without Callie and comes back stateside, Callie's pregnant with friend and fellow doctor Mark Sloan's baby. It doesn't take long for Arizona to forgive her, and for Callie to forgive Arizona, and the two find their way back into a happy relationship ... until Arizona's romantic weekend getaway plans (and proposal) end tragically.

  • Jack to Kate, "Lost"

    In a perfect world, this proposal might have really happened if Jack and Kate ever made it off the island together. Jack proposes to Kate in a flashforward while she is taking care of Claire's son, Aaron, after the child tells Jack that he's "a natural" at caring for him.

  • Will to Emma, "Glee"

    This is possibly the only proposal -- fictional or real life -- to rival <a href="" target="_hplink">Isaac's Live Lip Dub proposal.</a> Glee club teacher Will proposes to long time love interest Emma, the lovable counselor with OCD, by having the glee club kids perform a synchronized swim routine to Rhianna's "We Found Love." There is no way <em>anyone</em> would have said "no" to that.

  • Michael to Holly, "The Office"

    Michael Scott's marriage proposal to girlfriend Holly on "The Office" won over her heart, as well as those of <a href="" target="_hplink">thousands of Twitter users.</a> After Holly tries to propose to Michael, he cuts her off -- and gets her thinking that he doesn't want to marry her. But romantic Michael just wanted to pop the question himself, and shocks Holly with an elaborate proposal that ends in a room full of candles. Although Michael's parade get rained on when the sprinklers go off, the snafu doesn't stop Holly from accepting.

  • Chandler to Monica, "Friends"

    Before "The Office" had its candle-lit proposal, "Friends" paved the way with its own. Monica, like Holly, attempts a proposal in part two of the season six finale, but gets too emotional to continue, telling Chandler, "There's a reason why girls don't do this!" So, Chandler gets to pick where he left off in part one of the season six finale -- in which his first attempt at a proposal was interrupted by Monica's ex-boyfriend -- and gets a "yes."

  • Niles to Daphne, "Frasier"

    Niles' perfect proposal plan goes down the drain when Daphne arrives at his apartment with the flu. After all of his friends helped him pick out the wine, get Daphne's mother out for the evening and enlist Wolfgang Puck to cook the couple dinner, Niles decides to propose to Daphne sans fanfare.

  • Logan to Rory, "Gilmore Girls"

    Rory and Logan met at Yale, and he quickly became her third serious beau. They continued their relationship long distance during her final year in school after Logan moves to London to work for his father's company. When he returns, he proposes -- but Rory refuses him because she wants to focus on following her own career path.

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