What does it take to be a great parenting tweeter? Most of the moms and dads who make our weekly roundup come to the computer with some combination of humor, self-deprecation, frustration and unconditional love -- not to mention, judging by the number of tweets we see about bedtime, a burning desire to get some sleep. The 18 tweets we loved most this week run the gamut from depressingly hilarious to heart-achingly sweet. Click through the gallery below to read them all.

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  • Melissa Wiley

  • Nicole Cliffe

  • The Fix

  • Amanda Ann Klein

  • Amy Worley

  • Tracey—PBS Parents

  • Kathleen Schmidt

  • Michelle Branch

  • MOM! MOM! MOM!

  • Steve Carell

  • Ana Gasteyer

  • Jamie Wright

  • catt sadler

  • Rhiana Maidenberg

  • Allana Harkin

  • Punch in the Throat

  • Tanis Miller

  • Alyssa Milano

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