Are you a fan of your job? If not, you may want to consider becoming an engineer or dental hygienist.

That’s because those are some of the best jobs in America, according to a survey from CareerCast released earlier this year. The survey considered good pay, safe work environments and opportunities for growth and found jobs that use math and science skills ranked especially high.

But there are a variety of reasons workers stay at their jobs, even if they aren't the "best" ones. Most say enjoying their work and having a job that fits well with their lives are top priorities, according to a Harris Interactive poll cited by Time. Still, nearly 40 percent of workers said they “agreed” or “strongly agreed” with the statement that they’re sticking with their current job because they can’t find other work.

Check out some of the best jobs in America:

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  • 10. Mathematician

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 392.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $99,191.00

  • 9. Computer Systems

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 370.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $78,148.00

  • 8. Online Advertising Manager

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 343.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $87,255.00

  • 7. Occupational Therapist

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 318.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $72,110.00

  • 6. Audiologist

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 311.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $67,137.00

  • 5. Financial Planner

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 300.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $104,161.00

  • 4. Dental Hygienist

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 289.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $68,109.00

  • 3. Human Resources Manager

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 281.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $99,102.00

  • 2. Actuary

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 226.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $88,202.00

  • 1. Software Engineer

    <strong>Overall score:</strong> 176.00 <strong>Average income:</strong> $88,142.00

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