Ah, Labor Day. The unofficial mark of the end of Summer, and more importantly, of the time it's deemed seasonally-appropriate to rock white pants.

If you're like us, you've probably found yourself standing in the closet door thinking, "HOW AM I GOING TO USE THESE PANTS TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL IN THE FEW HOURS WE HAVE LEFT TOGETHER?" Don't sweat it, though.

With the help of stock photo models, we've thought up 19 great ways for you to sport your white pants and squeeze those last ounces of fun out of your summer.

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  • Miss Your Flight

    If you're gonna be stranded on a runway for four hours, look cute.

  • Tone Your Biceps

    Just 'cause it's fall doesn't mean you need to fall behind on your curls.

  • Avoid UV Rays

    The light reflecting off your pants is really gonna set off that dope umbrella.

  • Stare At The Sun

    Losing your vision never looked so good.

  • Get Into Casual Jackets

    A day is just enough time to start a new phase in your life.

  • Fasten Your Sandals Whimsically

    If you're not laughing, you're not doing it right.

  • Stand Near Fans

    There's only one way to make sure everyone's appreciating your sensible Bermudas.

  • Camouflage In A Modern Home

    Who gets the last laugh now, Ikea?

  • Cackle At Your Own Mortality

    Cliff optional.

  • Write A Fun Diary Entry

    That thing about Rachel's soccer practice was just too good not to jot down.

  • Check Out That New Condo Complex

    It's much closer to Target, but is it really worth it with all the traffic?

  • Lift Up Your Sunglasses At Someone Like, "Daaang"

    The guys at the boardwalk won't know what hit 'em.

  • Pose For Your Gym Membership Portrait

    You're gonna want to frame this ID card above your fireplace.

  • Work On Your Magic

    That rabbit isn't gonna pull itself out of anything.

  • Forget That Guy's Name

    Was it Brian? Ryan? All you know is he's friends with Mia in accounting and he better not say hello.

  • Put Your Butt On Stuff

    Wall? Check.

  • Experiment With Drawstrings

    Nothing says "casual day at the beach" like a casual string near your crotch.

  • Try Some Gloves

    Nothing can transition you into a cooler season as seamlessly as a tasteful hand accessory.

  • Work On Your "Who? Me?"

    Everyone digs an over-the-shoulder flirt.

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