Ah, the classic "tear-one-off" flyer. It's the perfect way to tell people that you've lost your dog, need a roommate, or just have some delicious bacon you want to offer free.

On the Internet, repurposing this useful flyer format to make people laugh is a time-honored tradition. From the classic Lionel Richie "Hello?" poster to the oh-so-meta "Lost: 8 pieces of paper" one, there are plenty of LOL-worthy parodies out there.

We've rounded up 30 of the best to share with you below. Take a look and vote for your favorites (and if we know our readers correctly, the free bacon flyer will undoubtedly be #1).

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  • Stress Relief Flyer

    If decapitating paper dolls is your idea of stress relief.

  • Takei One Flyer

    We have a feeling Takei would approve.

  • Dog Flyer

    Yeah, but what has <em>that dog</em> seen?

  • Facebook IRL Flyer

    For the Facebook junkie on the go.

  • Lost Flyer

    To be fair, those strips are long gone.

  • Star Wars Reference Flyer

    There's really no way for us to tell if anyone was incorrect.

  • Puzzle Poster

    You <em>should</em> be impressed.

  • The Obvious Flyer

    Nothing in this flyer is false.

  • Bacon Flyer

    Ron Swanson would be proud.

  • Have You Seen This Flyer?

    All those non-tab takers are liars.

  • Missing Flyer

    So are we looking for a lost flyer or a lost telephone pole?

  • Tough Times Flyer

    For when you just need a little encouragement.

  • Pigeon Flyer

    One way to deal with overpopulation.

  • Classic Lionel Richie Flyer

    This never gets old.

  • Richie Response Flyer

    Hopefully these two meet up.

  • Virginity Flyer

    Almost as good as a <a href="http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/snl-digital-short-i-just-had-sex/1265873" target="_hplink">"Congrats On The Sex"</a> cake.

  • Tearable Pun Flyer

    Truly, truly tearable.

  • Ron Swanson Flyer

    We suggest keeping a library of Ron Swanson quotes on hand at all times.

  • Miles Davis Flyer

    We wish people still called cool guys 'cats.'

  • WTF Flyer

    Sometimes, words just won't do.

  • Math Flyer

    All right, nerds.

  • Awesome Flyer

    From Hulk Hogan's signature line of self-esteem boosters.

  • Waldo Flyer

    Why didn't Waldo think of growing a beard in the first place?

  • Pants Pun Flyer

    "Put me in, coach."

  • Futurama Flyer

    It's always weird to spot a meme IRL.

  • Lost Boys Flyer

    From the person who has access to a printer but not Wikipedia.

  • Mustache Flyer

    It's really hard to get that handlebar shape just right.

  • "How I Met Your Mother" Flyer

    Some people can't just enjoy a show.

  • Not These Droids Flyer

    In case you ever need a slip of paper to remind what droids you're NOT looking for.

  • Chicken Strips Flyer


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