09/04/2012 11:30 am ET

Virgin Atlantic Debuts $4,000 Eye Masks, New Amenity Kits (PHOTOS)

Virgin Atlantic, the airline of gimmicks and quirky amenities, will hide five $4,000 Swarovski crystal eye mask on their flights this week to highlight the debut of their new amenity kits.

The eye masks, which each take 10 hours to make with 3,000 crystals, will be hidden on flights around the globe. The new amenity kits, which include regular, non-$4,000 eye masks, debuted on the airline on September 1.

Virgin Atlantic has released stylized amenities in the past, from a bareMinerals "Upper Class Red" lipstick to a red "Dorothy" shoe, both for flight attendants, who have been voted the "hottest in the sky" . The airline also has its own style magazine entitled "RUNWAY" and, of course, Richard Branson-shaped ice cubes.

Photos courtesy of Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic's New Amenities