Bob Bryan Between The Legs Shot: Bryan Brother's Impressive Point During U.S. Open Doubles (VIDEO)

09/05/2012 08:04 am ET

Fresh off winning Olympic gold in London, men's doubles duo Bob and Mike Bryan should have entered the U.S. Open flush with confidence. This incredible shot executed by Bob certainly won't do anything to detract from that feeling.

The Bryan brothers found themselves in a difficult spot on Monday when Santiago Gonzalez and Scott Lipsky moved within two points of pulling off the upset. As Gonzalez fired the ball at Bob Bryan's waist, Bryan slipped a racquet behind him and casually hit a between-the-legs shot to send it back. When Gonzalez returned Bryan's effort, Bob responded with a cross-court forehand that Gonzalez was unable to reach.


"There were 20 different options," Mike Bryan told reporters about his brother's impressive and risky shot. "He picked the 21st."

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