09/05/2012 06:25 pm ET

'Shake It Like An Etch A Sketch,' Mitt Romney Satire, Skewers GOP Presidential Campaign (VIDEO)

Seems like raps for Mitt Romney are kind of the new, hot thing. But in case Nicki Minaj's purported pro-Romney verse wasn't facetious enough for you, there's now "Shake It Like An Etch-A-Sketch."

Directed and edited by filmmaker Bree Newsome, the satire hammers on many notable gaffes from Romney's presidential campaign, including the "corporations are people" declaration and Eric Fehrnstrom's infamous Etch-A-Sketch remark.

But what makes this video great -- aside from its silly dancing and chintzy, minimal rap bling -- is that it absolutely gouges Romney for what it believes are the fallacies of his platform (or lack of a platform).

The video doesn't pull punches, and its subtext just might ring true to the ears of voting Americans.


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