'Hey Girl Bill Clinton' Not-So-Humbly Brags About His DNC Speech

09/06/2012 03:20 pm 15:20:44 | Updated Sep 06, 2012

Last night, Bill Clinton reminded Democratic National Convention attendees -- and viewers back home -- just how masterful a speaker he is. Somehow the former president managed to keep his audience not just awake but rapt for 48 whole minutes and give shout-outs to Michelle Obama, Jill Biden and his own better half along the way.

Since Clinton dazzled the DNC, we figured he'd probably want to brag about it a little bit. So we've imagined his post-performance thoughts -- in the form of a Hey Girl meme, inspired by a tweet by Amanda Bower (@heyprofbow): "


LOOK: Hey Girl, I'm Bill Clinton

2012-09-06-billclinton1getty.jpg (Photo Credit: Getty/HuffPost Women)

2012-09-06-BillClinton10AP.jpg (Photo Credit: AP/HuffPost Women)

2012-09-06-billclinton9AP.jpg (Photo Credit: AP/HuffPost Women)

2012-09-06-BillClinton7StateDepartment.jpg (Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State/HuffPost Women)

bill clinton jill biden (Photo Credit: AP/HuffPost Women)

2012-09-06-billclinton2AP.jpg (Photo Credit: AP/HuffPost Women)

2012-09-06-billclinton4AP.jpg (Photo Credit: AP/HuffPost Women)

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