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Seeking Arrangement At DNC: 'You Can't Blame Obama If You Are Poor! Find A Sugar Daddy'

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No matter who you blame for the state of the economy, a solution to help millions of struggling Americans has been hard to find. Until now.

All you need to do is use the Internet to find an older, wealthier person to support you financially in exchange for a romantic relationship.

That’s the idea behind online dating site Seeking Arrangement’s latest promotion at the Democratic National Convention. The site hired models to carry oversize posters at the DNC with the words, “You can’t blame Obama if you are poor! Find a Sugar Daddy @"

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The publicity stunt was aimed at both halves of the site's membership, the "attractive and the wealthy," according to CEO and Founder Brandon Wade. Since the majority of older members -- known as “Sugar Daddies” -- are Republican, the signs were an attempt to drum up some interest among potential sugar daddy Democrats. The signs also were designed to appeal to younger members -- “Sugar Babies” -- who tend to be Democrats.

Seeking Arrangement did not similarly advertise last week at the Republican National Convention, but it seems such a promotion at the RNC wasn’t really necessary. During the convention “Sugar Daddy” site usage was up 25.9 percent in the Tampa area, a “significant surge” that Wade, in part, attributes to the convention.

While members of both parties are equally welcome on Seeking Arrangement, it seems Mitt Romney is the site’s official choice for president -- but not just because he’s a Republican and has that whole salt-and-pepper thing going on.

Back in January, Romney reportedly gave money out of his own pocket to unemployed campaign volunteer Ruth Williams. “We thought that that behavior is very much what being a Sugar Daddy is all about,” Wade said.

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