In the world of celebrity news there are some pretty ridiculous items that are reported. Some stories are true, some are versions of truths and some have publicists firing off angry emails denying their client did or said anything.

Regardless, of where these tidbits may fall, they produce some pretty hilarious headlines. Check out our roundup of some of the silliest, most laughable stories out there this week:

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  • <a href="">Robert Pattinson Wants To Divide Time Between L.A. And London</a> We're not sure how this is a story, since it's what he's been doing for years.

  • <a href="">LeAnn Rimes ‘Doing Extremely Well’ in Treatment, Will Emerge A ‘Better Person,’</a> That's not usually what people go to rehab for...

  • <a href="">Sofia Vergara Eats a Banana</a> Presented without comment.

  • <a href=",,20627369,00.html" target="_hplink">Kristen Stewart Spotted in Robert Pattinson's Old T-Shirt</a> KStew has also been spotted wearing Rob's hat. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

  • <a href="" target="_hplink">Katy Perry: Ring On Engagement Finger During John Mayer Date</a> A big blue ring on her engagement finger is not a story, show us diamonds and then we'll consider it.

  • <a href="" target="_hplink">Ashley Benson Shocks Selena Gomez With Sexy Cleavage</a> We're pretty sure Selena Gomez has seen Ashley Benson's cleavage before since the girls spent a couple months in running around in bikinis while filming "Spring Breakers."

  • <a href="" target="_hplink">Next Best Thing To Rob? Kristen Stewart Sleeping With Pattinson's Teddy Bears For Comfort</a> Really?

  • <a href="">Robert Pattinson: Moving On From Kristen Stewart With The Fierce Five?</a> Are you kidding us?

  • <a href="">Angelina Jolie Mocks Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement</a> There's no way this happend. There is no feud. Lets all move on.

  • <a href="">Lindsay Lohan to Barack Obama: I Still Need Tax Cuts!</a> This actually happened, but it's still ridiculous.

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