You met the volunteers, you caught up with the attendees (though some were asleep) and you even got a peek into some of the convention-goers' personal recharging routines.

But what about those who put the tranquility center together? The people behind the Oasis? Thought went into every ounce of the Oasis, from the amazing sponsors to the color of the couches.

Scroll through the slideshow below to learn a bit about some of the brains behind the Oasis.

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  • Brooke Palmer

    <strong>Brooke Palmer, President, r.s.b.p. Events Project Consultant to Huffington Post; Venue Manager for AJA</strong> <strong>What part of working the Oasis is most meaningful to you?</strong> Working with Huffington Post on the Oasis has been an incredible opportunity both personally and professionally. It has been a truly rewarding experience working with such talented members of the HuffPo Team, and has inspired me to look to keep my own work/life balance in check. The team had gelled incredibly and it is exhilarating to see the space come to life, after months of hard work by everyone involved. Most importantly, it means a lot to me personally, that HuffPo chose to stay 'local', choosing to have eyes on the ground in Tampa and trusting in local talent to transform the space into the Oasis. We feel very engaged with the convention and HuffPo, and the opportunity is priceless. To turnover an incredibly busy nightclub into a space of Zen has been nothing short of mindblowing. The space has hosted everyone from Kim Kardashian, to Pamela Anderson, to Lil Wayne, to DJs from all over the globe, but this is truly special. We have had challenges along the way (who knew that drinks seem to spill EVERYWHERE), but we are honored to host the Huffington Post Oasis at AJA, and are thrilled that we were able to collaborate on such a meaningful project.

  • Toby Anderson

    <strong>Toby Anderson, part-time event tech, full-time middle school teacher. </strong> <strong>What part of working the Oasis is most meaningful to you?</strong> The sense of orchestration it takes to gather people together, each with their own goals in mind, aiming toward something they may not all see until the final hour, is and has been, in this case, a meaningful experience to me and all who participate. I am a seventh and eighth grade reading teacher, who works with my life-partner, Frank Clemente, in a job he loves. At the last minute, I was assigned to Oasis instead of another event in which CONCEPTBAIT was involved. In my belief, it was no accident and seeing how this beautiful event came together, I know I was meant to be a part of its creation. Thank you for the opportunity of working with everyone.

  • Susan Kaplow

    <strong>Susan Kaplow, Executive Producer, Oasis</strong> <strong>What part of working the Oasis is most meaningful to you?</strong> Bringing healthy food, meditation, yoga and a beautiful relaxing space to the busiest political environment that there is, is incredibly meaningful to me. I missed my 15th wedding anniversary and my daughter's 10th birthday to be here!

  • Brandee Simoncini

    <strong>Brandee Simoncini, Owner and Event Producer at Bevel Events LLC </strong>(Since I'm a former full-time employee, when I work for AOL / HP, I work as a contractor and am internalized but I'm contracted as my company <a href=" " target="_hplink">Bevel Events</a>.) <strong>What part of working the Oasis is most meaningful to you?</strong> I believe in the bigger mission that we are fulfilling by bringing services to the delegates and professionals who are servicing our country this week and next week at the conventions. I'm also passionate about events and bringing joy to people through events, and The Oasis is certainly an event that touches on all "happiness" senses! My goal this week is to ensure that events that HP performs at the conventions are performed flawlessly and professionally. I'm also a wedding band singer in my off-time from event planning! The night of the RNC press conference to discuss Hurricane Isaac, I was on conference calls in between sets at a high-profile wedding event.

  • Allison Stokes

    <strong>Allison Stokes, President, Plan A Management (representing the venue for the Oasis)</strong> <strong>What part of working the Oasis is most meaningful to you?</strong> It's an honor to be part of an event that's all about taking care of yourself. In this hectic world we often get caught up in many things other than focusing on oneself, so it's important to stop and reflect from time to time. It's been such a great experience working with the entire team, including everyone from AOL/The Huffington Post, Rafanelli Events, and the many wonderful local vendors to make this Oasis a reality.

  • Brian Virgo

    <strong>Brian Virgo, Sr. Tech Manager, Corporate Events</strong> <strong>What part of working the Oasis is most meaningful to you?</strong> Oddly, creating interesting ways to create a relaxing environment using, of all things ... technology. The iPad wall is a great way to add a technology element while helping to create a relaxing environment. The meditation room by Off The Mat is my favorite part of the Oasis; it helps guests to get centered and refocused on what we really need to dedicate more time to doing ... disconnecting. I flew to Charlotte for advance setup so I could attend a wedding in Minn. over Labor Day weekend.

  • Jennifer Feeney

    <strong>Jennifer Feeney, Vice President, Event Marketing, AOL</strong> <strong>What part of working the Oasis is most meaningful to you?</strong> The most meaningful part of working the Oasis was being able to provide an environment where people could unwind and recharge in the midst of the high-energy and hectic pace of the convention. By working with Lyfe Kitchen and Off the Mat to provide healthy food and soothing massages -- and thanks in large part to Arianna and her amazing team -- we were able to provide a therapeutic and relaxed haven for the convention attendees. Before the convention, hours were spent on the phone with the AOL Crisis Management, Travel and Security teams to make sure that all of the attendees braving tropical storm/Hurricane Isaac would be safe during their time in Tampa. For me, getting through this ordeal really showcased the strength and resourcefulness of the AOL team!

  • Karina Payton

    <strong>Karina Payton, Event Planner - Corporate Events, AOL</strong> <strong>What part of working the Oasis is most meaningful to you?</strong> What's most meaningful is how much time Arianna commits to helping people relax. The hectic environment surrounding the conventions makes the Oasis so much more important to the attendees. Meditation, massage and a healthy meal makes all the difference in helping them to relax and recharge.

  • Seane Corn And Arianna

    Arianna and Seane talk about the importance of the Oasis at the conventions.

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