It's National Grandparents Day! As a tribute, we've collected examples of grandparents in their natural habitat, according to our favorite source of truth: Stock photos.

After you've called Grandma and Grandpa to tell them they're the best, let us know if your grandparents resemble the ones made up by the good people at ShutterStock.

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  • They Dance Around Nostalgically

  • They Walk Down The Trail Of Life Together

  • Grandpas Wear Fishing Hats

  • They Still Enforce Gender Stereotypes

  • They Love Going On The Computer With Their Grandkids

  • They Like For Real Do Not Understand Technology

  • They Help You Sew

  • They Love To Read Books, Still

  • They Have Snazzy Purple Computers

  • They Love Quilts

  • They May Or May Not Know How To Ride A Bike

  • They're Proud Of Their New Bags

  • They Teach Scared Kids How To Read

  • They Totally Can Still Lift

  • They Win At Chess

  • They Read In Silence At Diners

  • They Love Feeding Children

  • They Love Makin' Memories

  • They Totally Know When They're Being Adorable

  • They Love Making Pancakes

  • They're Excellent Gardeners

  • They Can Solve Crossword Puzzles Faster Than You

  • They Want Washing Children To Be A Family Activity

  • They Love Introducing Babies To Giant Pinwheels

  • They Know That Hair Curlers Will NEVER Go Out Of Fashion

  • They Love Reflectin'

  • They Turn Chores Into Quality Time

  • They Know The Importance Of Vitamin C

  • They Love Showing Off Their Brute Strength

  • They Want Their Families To Be REALLY Close

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