Heard enough "Call Me Maybe" parodies to last the rest of your life?

Add another one to the list, this time from a political candidate in the Bronx who is asking the musical question, "Vote For Me, Maybe?"

Adam Bermudez is one of four candidates running in a Democratic state legislative primary for the New York State Assembly.

The election is Sept. 13, and what the 29-year-old candidate lacks in budget and name recognition, he hopes to make up in tuneful catchiness.

Bermudez has produced a video featuring himself on guitar, singing new lyrics to "Call Me Maybe" that reflect his political candidacy.

Hey, I just met you/ And this is crazy/ But here’s my platform/ Vote for me, maybe?
Promise I’ll work so hard/ write bills and not be lazy/ Here’s my pamphlet/ Vote for me maybe?

Bermudez, who still lives at home, teaches debate and speech at Fordham Prep School and has volunteered on other local campaigns. Despite his heady resume, he admits that he still has his work cut out for him.

"There are about 30,000 people in the district, but only about 4,000 are voting, so 2,000 votes could decide the election," Bermudez told The Huffington Post. "I did the song and released it on Labor Day in hopes of raising $30,000. That's enough, I think, to win."

As of press time, Bermudez has raised $3,000, including $25 from his mother, and the video has been viewed by 1,100 or so people on YouTube.

Like Barack Obama in 2008, he's full of hope.

"I realized I needed to create a viral video and knew that if it was kitsch, it could get attention," Bermudez said.

While Bermudez is a Bronx native, the video was not shot there.

"You can't force people to come to the Bronx," he said. "I filmed it in Williamsburg, which is a 90-minute train ride away, because I had to ask a friend to film it for me."

The resulting effort may not go to the top of the charts, but he's happy with what the song says, both literally and metaphorically.

"The text is substantive," he said. "So is the fact that it was done on an iPhone. Money shouldn't define politics."


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