Grandparents Day was on September 9 this year, but Generations United, an organization focused on intergenerational cooperation, is using the entire week (until September 15) to promote bringing old and young people together. The national group is asking all of us -- no matter what our age -- to "do something grand."

Our friends over at Awkward Family Photos did just that by sending us a dozen of their favorite pictures of grandparents to mark the occasion. These photos are guaranteed to bring your family together... for a laugh!

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  • Papawatch

  • How Nana Got Her Groove Back

  • The Delicates

  • The Joker

  • What About Grandma?

  • Head Of The Family

  • Granny Get Your Gun

  • Bounce

  • Barnburners

  • The Babysitters

  • Duster

  • The Big Squeeze