09/12/2012 11:31 am ET

'Cougar Town': TBS Premiere Date Revealed In Song (VIDEO)

"Cougar Town" is back! The cast revealed the new season premiere date, Tues., Jan. 8 on TBS in a very special video.

Complete with celebrity cameos (hey, Danny Pudi!) "We're Back" has Josh Hopkins leading the Cul-de-Sac Crew in song. Be on the lookout for some shirtless dancing, lots of wine, Sarah Chalke and more in the just under 2-minute video.

"Cougar Town" is jumping to TBS for its fourth season after ABC passed up on renewing the Courteney Cox comedy.

While "Cougar Town" has premiere date, it doesn't yet have a timeslot. For more on "Cougar Town" Season 4, click over and listen to Maureen Ryan's podcast with executive producer Kevin Biegel.

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