Seagull Films San Francisco Sunset: Wayward Bird Steals GoPro Camera (VIDEO)

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Here at HuffPost SF, we've made it no secret that we're devout followers of the Book of San Francisco Porn. The hills, the water, the bridges, the redwoods -- nothing gets us more excited than shimmering, glistening shots of our city in all its splendor.

But today we stumbled upon something that caught us by surprise: A slice of said porn through the eyes (and mouth) of a seagull. Yep, an actual seagull flapping its wings over the Bay, capturing a particularly tantalizing sunset from particularly bird-like angles.

French tourist Nathalie Rollandin was filming on the beach when said gull snatched her GoPro camera right out of her hands and took it on a joyride over the water. Rollandin managed to track down the camera -- intact and full of 20 seconds of new footage -- on a walkway near the St. Francis Yacht Club.

"A San Francisco sunset I will never forget," her YouTube page aptly reads. And now, thanks to the wonders of viral video, neither will we!

Watch the seagull sunset above, and take a look at another hearty helping of SF porn below (because why not?).

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