We've all heard the dreaded the lines, "It's not you, it's me" and "We can still be friends," marking a relationship's demise. It's what comes after that clichéd speech that varies, at least according to the Twitterverse.

On Thursday, #ThingsPeopleSayAfterABreakup was trending on Twitter, with tweets ranging from spiteful to silly. Click through the slideshow below to see 20 of the most colorful responses.

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  • Chris Thompson

  • Vicky Pollard

  • Trav Be Knowin

  • Trill_Chenille

  • lαurєnhαrdíng

  • L♥veismyMotivation

  • Bitch With the Bros✌

  • SH

  • Austin Hill

  • αshlєy иicolєєєє ❥

  • the G.o.a.T

  • Jesus H Christ

  • Freaks

  • Lady TFM

  • kai

  • 'Cain&Able

  • Young $tunna

  • Rahela Vrazalica

  • gogo yubari

  • Not Walaa Taha Ebaid

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