Kate Hudson's in no rush to walk down the aisle.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Hudson said she and her fiancé, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, will get married "eventually."

The actress, who was previously married to musician Chris Robinson, said she wants to do her second wedding "right."

"I don't want to just do it, you know what I mean?" she told the magazine.

Hudson and Bellamy got engaged in April 2011 while Hudson was still pregnant with Bingham, the couple's first child together.

Hudson's mom, Goldie Hawn, sparked rumors in March that her daughter was already married to the British rocker, but later addressed her comments via Twitter and said the couple had not tied the knot.

The pair might be in for a long engagement while they wait for the right time. So while we wait, click through the slideshow to see other celeb couples who seemed to be engaged forever.

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  • Sacha Baron Cohen And Isla Fisher - 6 Years

    It might seem like comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is all about laughs, but he took his relationship with Australian actress Isla Fisher quite seriously -- the pair were engaged for six years before they finally <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,1563299,00.html" target="_hplink">tied the knot</a> in Paris in 2010. The couple <a href="http://www.popeater.com/2010/03/22/sacha-baron-cohen-isla-fisher-married/" target="_hplink">had been </a>dating since 2002, and <a href="http://www.popeater.com/2010/03/22/sacha-baron-cohen-isla-fisher-married/" target="_hplink">announced</a> their engagement in 2004. Their first daughter together, Olive, was born in 2007.

  • Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga - 4 Years

    Singer Jennifer Hudson and boyfriend David Otunga <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20225699,00.html" target="_hplink">announced their engagement</a> in September 2008 -- which means that it's been four years, and counting. That doesn't mean the wedding is off, though: in June, Hudson <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20601056,00.html" target="_hplink">said that </a>she and Otunga are "very excited" for their future wedding day.

  • Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green - 4 Years

    Actress Megan Fox <a href="http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/megan-fox-marries-brian-austin-green-hawaii/story?id=11043156#.T86E6nnLzCE" target="_hplink">wed</a> her longtime boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, in Hawaii in June 2010, after a lengthy engagement. The couple first announced their engagement in November 2006, then rumors swirled that the pair had <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20261194,00.html" target="_hplink">called it off after two years</a>, only to get engaged <em>again</em> in June 2010. Fox told <em>People</em>, however, that she and Green never broke up. "It's really not a re-engagement," <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20395257,00.html" target="_hplink">she said</a>. "It's just the same engagement and for some reason now it's a news story."

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard - 3 Years

    Longtime couple Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard made it official in Italy in <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20276175,00.html" target="_hplink">May 2009</a> after a three-year-long engagement. The couple <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,26334,1181971,00.html" target="_hplink">first announced</a> their pregnancy and engagement to <em>People</em> in 2006 after being together for more than four years.

  • Brooke Burke and David Charvet - 5 Years

    "Dancing with the Stars" host Brooke Burke and actor David Charvet had a five-year-long engagement before they <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20513593,00.html" target="_hplink">finally tied the knot </a>in August 2011 in St. Barts. The couple announced their engagement -- and the fact that they <a href="http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,1224154,00.html" target="_hplink">were expecting</a> their first child together -- in August 2006.

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