Best Parenting Tweets: What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week

09/14/2012 04:32 pm ET

This week on Twitter, parents explored the downside to parenting in a technologically advanced world. One dad wrote, "Disadvantages of giving a 4-year-old a digital camera: while you're peeing, the bathroom door opens behind you, a camera flashes." On a more serious note, author Anne Lamott shared her frustrations with a father who wouldn't stop texting while with his daughter at the park. "This is not a dress rehearsal," she reminded us all.

Many of our other favorite tweets of the week were funny and insightful, but a few made us wonder if toddlers are really the clever ones. Jessica Valenti's 2-year-old asked "What do boogies do?" -- a question that, frankly, had us a little stumped. Click through the gallery below to read them all -- and vote for your favorites!

The Week's Best Parenting Tweets