Fall is in the air! It's finally time to get excited for crisp autumn days, pumpkin spice lattes, boots and tights, and beautiful fall leaves. Readers made the past few days their #bestweekendever by apple-picking, kayaking, gardening and more. Check out the evidence in the slideshow below!

A quick reminder: the premise of "Best Weekend Ever" is that as much as we all look forward to the weekend, it's also fun to look back on the amazing couple of days we just had and appreciate that time.

So next weekend snap a quick picture of your activities and send it to women@huffingtonpost.com or submit to the slideshow below. We'll feature it here on Monday's Best Weekend Ever slideshow, and add our favorite weekly submission to our "Best Weekend Ever" Pinterest Board.

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  • This is my "royal" family. We held "Court" in Red Bank NJ on Saturday night at restaurant/club Red. September is an important month because both of my sisters and our Mother are born in September. I am the only one not born this month. So Sept.15, the night of the New Moon it was important for us to just hang out together. We were having so much fun a few people took notice of us and one nice group offered to take our picture. This is the best one. Photo: (from left to right) Glenda (Our mom born Sept. 9), Love (my real name, 1st born and only one born in Jan.), Faith ( youngest daughter, born Sept. 24), and Joy (middle daughter, born Sept 29, oh and also born same year as me). Another odd thing about us, besides our names and birthdays, all four of us are proud union actors. I noticed the Twitter feed and thought that this Saturday was pretty awesome. I am @Blessedtowin on Twitter in case you need to find me.

  • Enjoying the Winds

    <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/QueenDeleona"><img style="float:left;padding-right:6px !important;" src="http://images.huffingtonpost.com/twitter_profile_img/3626319.png" /></a><a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/QueenDeleona">QueenDeleona</a>:<br />Relief from the Summer heat through the joy of the cool winds...

  • Took a boat ride on Lake Michigan in Chicago!

  • North Wildwood Firemen hosted the women of Pottsgrove during Firemen's Weekend in New Jersey!

  • Kayaking!

  • Taking the kids to the fair... Priceless!

  • This is me ( pink hair ) attending a friends daughters 21st party... From Nadia Kolia, Johannesburg , South AFrica

  • I went swimming with one of my twin daughters!

  • Flew into New Orleans to start my first ever book tour and went right to the inspiration with my BFF, artist Ronna Harris (left). What better way to celebrate the coffee table book...cafe au lair and beignets! Let the good times roll! Best Peggy Sweeney-McDonald www.mesnwhilebackatcafedumonde.com

  • Dear Huffington Post, this is a picture of one of my dogs and me. Cordially, Maru Angarita @maruangarita

  • Went apple-picking at the apple orchard with my son.

  • Gardening with a "helper". Why was it the best? We moved here after far too many years with no garden and to be able to get my hands dirty again made me happy. The look on Mabel's face with the little flower on her face captured my joy perfectly.