Maya Murals Discovered In Guatemalan Family's Kitchen (PHOTOS)

09/14/2012 09:50 am ET | Updated Sep 14, 2012

These walls have eyes. An entire procession of eyes, noses, and ears belonging to the painted figures dressed in traditional Maya and Spanish fashion that a Guatemalan family found in their home five years ago, according to National Geographic News.

Lucas Asicona Ramirez and his family discovered the Maya Murals in their kitchen while renovating their home. Jarosław Źrałka, the archaeologist who recently reported his finds to National Geographic, said the images had been covered under plaster for centuries.


The discovery came from a house in the Guatemalan village of Chajul and experts say these murals most likely belonged to a prominent figure in the past.

"There's 500 years of history in this town," Boston University archaeologist William Saturno told National Geographic News. "See whose [house] it was. It's unlikely to be just Joe Schmo's house—it's probably an important person's house."

It seems that failing to put the past behind you can be quite illuminating.

Maya Murals Found in Family Kitchen

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