Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada breweries have teamed up for their second beer collaboration, this time working on an Imperial IPA called Rhizing Bines. The first partnership in 2009 was a dark beer named Life & Limb. Life & Limb was brewed in Sierra Nevada's facility in Chico, California. This time around, Dogfish Head is hosting the west coast company in its brewery in Milton, Delaware for part of the brewing process, and then sending the beer to Sierra Nevada's new North Carolina facility.

In honor of the new location, the beer features an heirloom Carolina red winter wheat from Anson Mills. It adds some sweet and nutty notes to the hoppy beer.

If you look at the label, you'll notice two hop varieties and two yeast strains (called "Chico" and "Doggie") that start at the root -- aka rhizomes -- and stretch throughout mature bines (a climbing plant).

Rhizing Bines will be available starting February 2013.


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