When a medical emergency strikes, sometimes relying solely on doctors and hospitals isn’t enough.

A patient battling a rare illness needs a community of survivors. A poor family desperate to fly out for lifesaving surgery needs money for plane tickets. A child who can’t afford dental care, needs someone to step in before the condition gets worse.

This month, we salute the local nonprofits, who bring critical health care and support to people in need, and call on you to choose the very best one. Here are the top 10 contenders, put together by GreatNonprofits.org, with reviews and testimonies from real patients who have benefitted from their help.

Think one of these organizations takes top prize? Cast your vote below for the nonprofit you think is doing the most inspiring work.

DIRECTIONS: In the slideshow below, give any nonprofit you feel is deserving 1-5 stars. The nonprofit with the most stars at the end of the month wins the title of HuffPost Top Local Nonprofit of the Month.


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  • Alliance Of Hope For Suicide Survivors

    "I lost someone very dear to me almost 6 months ago. This forum has helped me tremendously in the grieving process," writes suzq7982. "It's a blessing to have a whole community of people who just understand and will listen."

  • California School Health Centers Association

    "Not only has the California School Health Centers Association successfully fostered bringing much needed health and dental care to where children are -- schools -- they are a fabulous partner," writes JennyKattlove. "They truly believe in collaboration, leveraging the skills and resources of other nonprofits and individuals to ensure children's needs are being met."

  • Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Network

    "When I was first diagnosed I had no idea what this type of cancer was and what to expect," writes Bob_15. "From this group, the information was complete and the people were genuine in the caring and desire to fill me in and answer all my questions."

  • Epilepsy Services Foundation

    "The Epilepsy Services Foundation has given me the opportunity to get involved with the community and help other individuals with seizure disorders -- like myself -- by allowing me to be a part Project Access," writes epilepsyfoundationrocks. "As a volunteer, I have witnessed firsthand the hard work board members put in to assure individuals with seizure disorders receive proper care, put together events that intend to educate others about epilepsy, fundraise, and most importantly provide a loving environment in which a person can feel welcomed and accepted for who they are."

  • House Of Charity

    "My child was provided Medical Treatment for 10+ years and underwent more than 50 Surgical Procedures (some very complex ones) thanks to The House of Charity," writes yakov. "All the medical care was organized by House of Charity and provided without any costs to the family."

  • In Need Of Diagnosis

    "In Need of Diagnosis provides emotional support and acts as a resource for individuals who have been incapable of receiving a correct diagnosis," writes tamiller151.

  • Minding Your Mind

    "Minding Your Mind is providing mental health education to adolescents," writes weber1. "While this topic is often avoided, it is important that young adults learn the signs of symptoms of these illnesses as the age of onset is during the teen years."

  • Miracle Flights For Kids

    "My son had to have brain surgery [in Utah] and we live in Alabama . The tickets were over $500 a piece for each of us," writes momtram. "With Miracle Flights, we flew for FREE and that burden of coming up with over $1500 was taken from our shoulders. We are very thankful at how much they have helped our family!"

  • HealthQuarters Ministries

    "Health Quarters Ministries educates people to take the very best care of themselves," writes Leslie21. "Because of the knowledge I gain from HQM, I am strengthening my adrenals and other hormones that have been compromised for years, something my doctors didn't know how to treat and didn't think were related."

  • International Paruresis Association

    "I'm 34 and suffered from paruresis since I was a teenager. I came across the IPA website a few years ago," writes bryce2007. "Since then, I've attended a workshop and several practice sessions. The treatments I learned have had such a positive experience in my life and paruresis is rarely a concern for me anymore."

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