By Michael Lopez


We can only imagine the type of life Carlos Santana has led. The guitar god has been making albums for over 40 years and toured with some of the all-time greats. Now he’s ready to document the entire experience in a new book of memoirs set to hit shelves in 2014.

Little, Brown and Co. has agreed to publish Carlos’ autobiography and they expect big things from their new author. The company plans to print his memoirs in both English and Spanish and not hold anything back from the fans.

In a press release about the book, Little, Brown dropped quite a few names and promised readers that Santana would delve into every aspect of his life.

“As he tells his story, Carlos’ highest wish is to help readers discover the sanctity, grace, and divinity in themselves,” the company said. “This book is a testament to triumph, victory, and success. Carlos will share his memories of the immortals of music history: Miles Davis, Eric Clapton and Harry Belafonte, to name a few.”

And the list of people doesn’t stop there. The press release also mentioned political leaders who impacted Carlos’ career, including Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.

Sounds to us like a VERY interesting read.

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  • "Maria Maria" with Product G & B

    Ever wonder what happened to Maria from West Side Story? Apparently she moved to LA and fell in love to the sound of Carlos' guitar. As did audiences everywhere, resulting in the track's Grammy for "Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal" in 1999. This collaboration with Product G & B, from the album <em>Supernatural</em>, apart from the crisp tune of the guitar has a bit of Latin spice added by Santana : "Ahora vengo mama chola mama chola."

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    There may be a monster under the bed, but Santana's shrilling guitar solo in this video can only mean another Grammy! This collaboration with Everlast from his <em>Supernatural</em> album won 'Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal' in 1999.

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    The wailing of Santana's guitar with the low gruff vocals of the Mexican rock band's vocalist, Fher Olvera, tell us how much love hurts with "A Thorn In My Heart." The track won 2 Latin Grammys in 2000 and came off of Santana's 1999 <em>Supernatural</em> album.

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    A little bit of Michelle didn't hurt Santana one bit. "The Game of Love," which came from his 2002 album <em>Shaman</em>, won a grammy for 'Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals' that same year and brought the guitarist to a career total of 10 golden gramophones.