Electron Microscope Photos Show Spider Skin, Coffee, Dandelions, Tomato In Extreme Close-Up

09/17/2012 03:01 pm ET

Electron microscopes give scientists a close-up look at tiny things--cells, germs, crystals, and even certain molecules. But as you can see in this series of images provided by scientific instruments company FEI, the scopes can also turn everyday objects into awe-inspiring spectacles--a dandelion looks like a fireworks display, a tomato leaf morphs into a bizarre jungle, and bread mold becomes art.

A picture of a hydrothermal worm up close took the Internet by storm last year. But for now, check out the slideshow below to see how daily reality can appear imaginary when viewed up close--really close.

  • Carbajo Maria / FEI
  • Spider Skin FEI
  • Ken Bart / FEI
  • Caterpillar FEI
  • Maria Carbajo, FEI
  • Ground coffee FEI
  • Gerald Poirier / FEI
  • Dandelions FEI
  • Nayely Pineda / FEI
  • Fruit Fly FEI
  • Maksim Kalienko / FEI
  • Aluminium Fracture FEI
  • Ken Bart / FEI
  • Tomato Leaf FEI
  • Wadah Mahmoud / FEI
  • Penicillium Fungus of Bread FEI
  • Alexander Kraft / FEI
  • Stoma of a Potato Leaf FEI
  • Valerie Lynch-Holm / FEI
  • Embedded Tick FEI

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